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We are happy to participate with IMG Foundation to assist Medical Professionals on the road to Financial Wellness.

The mission of the International Medical Graduate (IMG) Foundation is to educate and empower medical students, recent graduates, interns, newly recruited residents and current seasoned residents of the IMG MD Program. The IMG Foundation has created a safe environment where Medical Graduates across the globe can come together to support each other.

In this conversation, Dr. Adri-Anna Aloia, Founder & Director of IMG Foundation and Craig Ripley, Financial Advisor and VP, Business Development with Stonebrooke Private Wealth Management Ltd., discuss the first steps for individuals to take on the road to Financial Wellness.

Financial wellness and overall wellness (physical, emotional, mental, etc.) tend to go hand-in-hand. That's why Stonebrooke Private Wealth Management Ltd. strives to create lasting relationships with their clients. They help their clients build a strong financial foundation on which to protect and grown their wealth, bringing about a sense of financial security and peace of mind.

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