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The Stonebrooke Asset Management (SAM) Story

Stonebrooke Asset Management was established over 15 years ago to provide Discretionary Portfolio Management services and deliver a solid investment management client experience. 

With over 30 years of investment industry experience, George Kurcin leads the Stonebrooke Asset Management team as President and Chief Portfolio Manager.  

The SAM Approach:

To successfully manage an investment portfolio, a disciplined, balanced approach to control portfolio risk is essential for long term growth and downside protection. With access to both public and alternative investment opportunities, Stonebrooke Asset Management offers a range of investment options tailored to your risk tolerance.


    With well developed capital market experience and high quality independent research, SAM makes sound investment decisions earning the trust of their discerning and astute clients.

      Portfolio Construction & Monitoring

      SAM structures client portfolios to do three things: 

      • produce consistent investment returns over the long term, 
      • preserve capital in down markets, and 
      • smooth out the ups and downs in volatile times.

      Most clients achieve the right blend of diversification, customization and cost efficiency by holding one of the three pooled funds that SAM manages: 

      In 2019, Stonebrooke Private Wealth Management chose Stonebrooke Asset Management (SAM) to be our preferred referral partner for Discretionary Portfolio Management. We know that financially successful business owners and families are looking for a central financial point person to coordinate and implement financial decisions. With our strategic alliance with SAM, we are well positioned to provide this elevated service to our clients.  

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