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Feeling overwhelmed?

Have you ever felt:

  • anxious about making financial decisions for you and your loved ones?
  • overwhelmed by the responsibility of running a business or medical practice?

Financial concerns and mental health issues tend to go hand-in-hand.  Worry over financial decisions (or indecisions) can cause stress and anxiety. When someone is stressed and anxious, they may create financial problems by making rash decisions, accumulating high levels of debt by overspending, or simply by not taking advantage of opportunities that will help them get a better footing financially.

Business owners may face even greater stress knowing so many people depend on them including their family, employees and suppliers. Throw in a pandemic and well…

We are excited to be working with Bayridge Circle of Care, our chosen provider of mental and relational wellness services. Through the Bayridge Counselling Centres and Simply Human program, Bayridge Circle of Care is able to offer customized mental wellness services to individuals, businesses, corporations and medical health providers. 

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