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Investing with a discretionary portfolio manager has several benefits for investors such as: 

  • Freeing investors from the burden of making day-to-day investment decisions which can arguably be better made by a qualified portfolio manager who is experienced with the vagaries of the market. 
  • In most cases, investors have access to better investment opportunities through the portfolio manager. 
  • Potentially better prices for executed trades as the portfolio manager can put through a single buy or sell order for multiple clients. 
  • The ability to act on available information quickly and efficiently - selling a position when the markets get overheated. Portfolio Managers are also better positioned to promptly seize buying opportunities when markets dip.

With access to both public and alternative market investment opportunities, we can offer our clients a range of investment options tailored to their risk tolerance.

Ready to free yourself? Contact us to see if Discretionary Portfolio Management* is right for you.

*Discretionary Portfolio Management is provided by Stonebrooke Asset Management Ltd.

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