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What Our Clients and Industry Partners Say About Us

  • "Weíre both self-employed, no pensions. Itís such peace of mind to not have to worry about our money and we really donít. Safe money is what I would call being invested with Stonebrooke. "

    Joanne, Realtor

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  • "I was doing my own investing and the returns I was getting donít compare to what I am getting now. Stonebrooke has been nothing short of amazing. "

    Ted, Retired

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  • "Life before Stonebrooke was uncertain Ė my financial life Ė I never knew if my portfolio was performing well given how the markets were performing, I didnít know if it was outperforming it. I didnít have a point of reference. More importantly I just didnít feel like I was connected to the people who were managing my money. (At Stonebrooke) we spent time talking about what was going on in the market, why it is going on, how it affects the portfolio, where it might be going, and the implications of all that and how it fits into the philosophy that we had agreed on. Itís a very powerful thing and worth the price of admission right there. "

    George, Executive Coach

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  • "We were fortunate enough to be introduced to PWM Advisory Group from our wealth manager. Over the past 2 years, the team at PWM has provided us with unparalleled advice and support regarding financial products that fit our current lifestyle and requirements . Their foresight, strategic advice, and ability to partner with our various consultants has allowed us to take a progressive approach in our financial planning. Of utmost importance to us, the PWM team continue to provide ongoing support and advice allowing us to expand our knowledge and continue to meet our financial needs and expectations."

    R. Costigan, President, Richmin Developments

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  • "The team at PWM really understands business. More importantly, they developed a deep understanding of my business - what makes it go, where itís headed and how to significantly enhance my wealth leveraging my corporate success. Their individualized wealth management is something that I have never experienced before. Their patient process around my finances helped me understand my current financial situation and plan for the future. I leave meetings with them like I have just had coffee with and old friend. "

    K. Moore, BCBA, Entrepreneur

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  • "Richard Tremblay is a dying breed! In the short time that I have had the pleasure of working with Richard, I have witnessed an honest and dedicated steward of p|w|m Advisory Group. Exceptional openness, organic leadership, and passion have created confidence throughout the organization. Richard has a natural skill to comprehend and translate detail which serves to simplify the decision making process for his clients."

    Dan Saso, Beaver Rock

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  • "I've recently worked with Jim Pelot to implement the Insured Corporate Life Program through my Professional Corporation, including Critical Illness, Universal Life and a Personal Pension Plan for my retirement. Heís also helped me identify opportunities where I could save money, get better coverage on my policies and increase the tax efficiency of my Professional Corporation. My disability coverage virtually doubled for about the same price, and I understand clearly now what coverage I already had, what was missing and what could be enhanced. I encourage you to connect with Jim for a review of your existing coverages."

    Adrian Indar, MD

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  • "Since transferring the responsibility of portfolio management over to p|w|m Advisory Group, I have been able to significantly increase efficiencies within my business by sharing some of the compliance demands and by using their fully digital platform. p|w|m's fin-tech has simplified both my and my clients' experience. Access to an online portal allows clients to keep an eye on their portfolios creating more transparency which promotes peace of mind. I am grateful to share the responsibility of portfolio management with p|w|m Advisory Group. Working with knowledgeable professionals has allowed me more time to build relationships with my clients and grow my business. "

    Sean Reid, Canopy Wealth

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  • "For a long time I invested with one of the major banking institutions. While the people there were nice enough, over that period of time I discovered that they were either a) not skilled enough to help me as much as I would like or b) not nearly as concerned with my financial well being as I would hope them to be. I decided to switch to Trevor Belanger as my Financial Counsel. I've been more than happy with everything that he has been able to help me with. It's not just my portfolio (although that has significantly improved) but also in many other areas I had not thought of. Having someone like Trevor working for you is such an immense asset and I only wish I had the opportunity to make the switch sooner. I have never known anyone as hard working and dedicated to helping people create a secure and prosperous financial future. This combined with his genuine care and compassion makes it easy to recommend Trevor. "

    D. Rawlins

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