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Differentiate your business

Businesses are differentiating themselves through their employee benefit offering. Whether you are a CEO, CFO, or HR manager, we can create a plan to increase everyone's satisfaction level, including employees!

CEO: Does your current health benefit plan represent you and your business style?

Progressive business leaders are providing their employees with more flexibility and choice, creating a more productive and engaged workforce. This includes their benefits package. Employers realize that the 'one-size-fits-all' benefit program isn't appealing anymore. 

It's time to think of benefits as compensation, not insurance. 

CFO: Do you want to know what the plan's cost drivers are with no surprises?

Plans that offer choice and flexibility are appealing to all employee demographics and help fix a portion of the employer's cost.

Employees are motivated to excel when they feel valued and part of a team. Employee-centric benefits are more cost certain and make employees better health consumers by offering flexibility in what they use their plan for.

You can't afford to have unhappy employees affecting customer retention.

HR Manager: Is your current benefit plan a drag on the race for talent and retention of employees?

Popular plan designs include benefits such as paid vacations credits, elder care benefits, adult orthodontic coverage, fitness benefits, mental health services, and flexible RESP and RRSP contributions. Employees can change their plan over time as their lifestyle changes.

Work culture is huge. Benefits are only part of the equation but it is an important one to help build employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Employee-centric benefit plans are winning the day - both in the race for talent and employee satisfaction.

Tired of the same old, same old benefit plan that doesn't seem to satisfy anyone? Let us show you how you can differentiate yourself from your competition and provide a valuable benefit for your employees.

Plan. Protect. Grow.

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